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In 2023 Write On School for Young Writers turned 30 and we published Issue 60 of Write On magazine. 

We tracked down some of our past writers to find out what they are up to now and what they remember most about their time with our school.


Then we paired them with one of our current young writers.

Our young writers selected a piece written back then and responded to it now.

On each page, you will find:

  • INSPIRATION: A brand new piece of writing plus the piece that inspired it.

  • CONNECTION: An interview between past and present young writers

  • WRITING ON: What our past students are up to now with their writing.


We thank Plains FM for their support in recording these voices.

Thank you to Copyright Licensing NZ who provided a grant that allowed us to digitally archive 30 years of magazines and to put this project together.


Boh 2023 and Azriel 2014
Brianna 2023 and Jess 2004
Carly 2023 and Amelia 2016
Cooper 2023 and Josiah 2012
Es 2023 and Ray 2002
Isabella 2023 and Kathryn 1995
Jaren 2023 and Freddie 2013
Jessica 2023 and Charlotte 2017
Mabel 2023 and Kate 1996
Maisie 2023 and Chelsea 1998
Millie 2023 and Rachel 2004
Ritika 2023 and Marissa 1998
Tessa 2023 and Elizabeth 2017
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