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Carly 2023 and Amelia 2016

Star Stories
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Star Stories

by Carly

I saw the star stories

my eyes read them through my foggy window glass

I should have my eyes closed

My mind takes the stories given

and catalogs them away for another date

The cold night air is calming against my feverish skin

my eyes are blurry from the light of the street lamp outside

The blanket around my shoulders falls to the ground

pooling against the carpet like snow

It’s cold as my mother leads me back to bed

easing my shaking hands and tucking me away

She eases me with stories of her and her sister; her star stories

The star stories are all stories, including this story; my story

I close my eyes

Sleep, the star stories whisper

luring me to bed once more.

Carly loves axolotls.

Night Poem

by Amelia 

My eyes stare at ripples

in a milky sea of plaster.

They should be shut.

Disobedient, my mind wanders

tossing and turning.

My sheets implore me to stay

to be swallowed by the cotton sea

yet tonight, the voice of the crack in my curtains

is far sweeter.

The window pulls me to its side

and for a few moments

I am not so solitary after all.

City lights tickle my chin

wink at me from below

and the moonlight caresses my cheek

and verdant fingers reach out

shutting the window again

sending me back to bed.

first published in Write On 2016

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