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Jessica 2023 and Charlotte 2017

Disappointment - Living Tuesday over and over again
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Disappointment - Living Tuesday over and over again

by Jessica

It’s been Tuesday for months. I’ve been running, and running, and running every single day. From the same people, at the same time, for the exact same reason. And I always - always - get caught.  I always get a black eye before I hit the ground in that dark alleyway. I always shout out for Coda. He never comes. Never. I clutch the medicine to my chest, my fingertips going blue. Today, I am determined to get further.

My heart beats so hard I think the whole city can hear it. I breathe so fast I might black out before they catch me this time. But I push on, sweat beading my neck and rolling down my back. I round a corner, stealing a glance behind me. They are still there, pushing effortlessly on.

I don’t see the club before it’s already in my face. I scream, falling. The stench of the alleyway is the last thing I remember before the sky blacks out above me and I’m swung into a dark whirlpool, waking up in my bed a few blocks away.

At least there’s always next Tuesday.

Jessica is a homeschooler who has attended Write On Saturday classes for 5 years. She has been published in the Write On magazine and the first volume of Fuego.


by Charlotte

It’s been Tuesday for months. Julie at the corner store grumbles as I pass over some coins in return for a newspaper, her bleached bun bobbing as she shakes her head and titters. She’s griping about the economy, but I have the speech memorised by now. Sheh points her finger at me, further jolting the bun. Her other hand jabs at the buttons on her cash register. I wonder if today she’ll notice her hair bobbling dangerously.

I count down before a strand falls from her volatile bun. I’ve been trying to get the exact timing right, but I'm always a few seconds off. Seven, six…Damn. I could've sworn I was right.

“You listening to me at all?”

I wait, but am disappointed when she offers me no reaction to the hairs striping her face. I'd hoped maybe today would be the day she’d do something different.

At least there’s always next Tuesday.

first published in Write On 2017

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