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Boh 2023 and Azriel 2014

A Ball and a Boot
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A Ball and a Boot

by Boh

Wait, don't kick me. I have been kicked many times and I'm almost flat…

I’m not going to kick you. The game is over and the person who wears me has forgotten me and is getting into his other shoes.

…your stub is right above my weak point and hey! Alright you please don’t ki…

It’s not my fault you get kicked by me, it's the players! They step on us and forget about us and then just leave us in the dirt, quite literally.

I’m almost flat and if you want to kick me then fine watch a ball fly into the air like an untied balloon.

You don’t understand. it’s so hard to do anything as a boot. I mean… I guess it must be worse getting kicked all the time and even being thrown.

I like that bit. It’s actually pretty fun getting thrown until you hit the ground and bounce and then hit the floor a bunch.

To be honest I’d love to be a ball getting kicked and being thrown…

I feel bad for you, you know. I get to move around even if it needs a little kick to start. I still have it better than you.

“Where’s my boot? Doug, did you steal my boot?”

“No, I think you left it on the field.”

“Oh there it is.”

…and I also love the way you… Wait what's grabbing me? My wearer! I take back everything. Being a boot is awesome!

Boh is a Year 8 student. This is his second year attending Write On Saturday classes. He recently won the Under 16 section of the The Given Words poetry competition.

A  Floorboard Counsels a Thief

by Azriel

Your secrecy is in my hands,

your silence is mine to control.

Even you, floorboards,

cannot expose my felony.

My silent footsteps

can do fine without your help.

Your life is in my hands, you thief,

as the jury would say in the courtroom.

My sly sneakiness will act in my favour.

I wont be found out.

Your arrogance

will cause you misery.

Don’t judge me, floorboards.

I tread the dirt from my feet on you.

You are beneath my consideration.

Perverse thief,

don’t say I didn’t warn you.

When the tides of justice

flood your boat

you shall regret you didn’t heed my



first published in Write On 2014

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