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Maisie 2023 and Chelsea 1998

Young Oak
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Young oak

by Maisie

The woman's skin glitters

rough and scarred and beautiful

like tree bark

Her eyes are the sequins sparkling on her dress

The impossible green green of a young oak's first spring leaves

Her hair is the golden sunlight’s leafy accent

dappling the ground with scattered shade

like she would lie in on a summer’s afternoon

as a sophomoric sapling

Like a willow

she wallows

in the ecstasy of sociability

in her flora forest of friends

she stands secure

in the grasp of her old man

He holds her firmly

like the earth holds roots

She trusts him so

because he helped her be young

and he helped her be free

and when the time comes

he’ll let go of me

she tells


She lives in the before-times bliss

where a smoking gun is conclusive evidence

and where the axe is losing your job

Her life is long and lovely.

Maisie has been attending Write On classes for at least 7 years. She has been published in Write On and Redraft. 

The Mistress

by Chelsea 

A tall lone oak

Stands silently among long grass,

A rope hanging from her arms,

And her green hair rustling in the breeze.

Acorns lie scattered across her kingdom,

Large roots create hidey-holes for her tenants,

Her rough, brown clothes hide smooth skin and flesh,

Her partner sits taller and stronger holding her.

He gives her water, housing and growth.

He is the land.

She is frightened,

Standing alone where there once were others.

The young humans are playmates

Who keep her company when she is sad.

She sings with the wind and fears men

Who bring machines and buildings.

Her life is long and lonely.

first published in Write On 1998

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