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Mabel 2023 and Kate 1996

Mosquito too
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Mosquito too

by Mabel

A vampire of weakness, a pathetic little thing

It's lunging fast, coming for me

I grab my book and get ready to fight

More soldiers enter the battle

The buzzing eats me from inside

I hear them, flail around, slap!

I need to end this war now

Slap slap slap

Mosquito legs reach for the ceiling

I smile at my success as I scratch my arm


Mabel is a Year 8 student. She has been attending Write On Saturday classes for 3 years. She has been previously published in the Write On magazine.

The Mosquito

by Kate 

Buzzing around me, hovering low

Doesn’t it know it’s not a friend it’s a foe?

Coming towards me, up to my pen,

Doesn’t it know it’s going to come to an end?

Poising my finger, ready to strike,

Doesn’t it know, there's no point in a fight?

I aim and I flick, it tumbles to the ground,

And the circle of life goes around and around.

first published in Write On 1996

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