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Ritika 2023 and Marissa 1998

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by Ritika

i am

cupboards of spices

mustard seeds crackle and spit and attack

i am


that winter turns

stunning white

i suppose

i am

rather lucky

it’s only the little things that

make me remember

i am neither

foreign nor native

i am neither

i am neither

and yet

i am both

in new zealand

i see

so many

shades of white -


a language of

water and air

other colours

other sounds

interwoven through

the paler strands

returning to india

i remembered

how many shades

of brown there are too


by a language

of rhythm and earth

other colours

other sounds


to ghosts

(but i want

a world

of infinite colours,

infinite rhythms

and shades)

first languages

are curious things

Ritika has been a Write On Saturday mornings student for 4 years. She is published in the Write On magazine and was successfully placed in the Seaweek poetry competition and the Speaking 4 the Planet competition. Alongside writing and reading they enjoy plotting evil schemes with their equally chaotic classmates.

Note from the Write On team: Something a bit special happened here. The writer that Ritika was first matched with was not able to continue with this project. Then Marissa responded all the way from Melbourne and we were able to make a new match. Ritika enjoyed reading Marissa's pieces published in Write On magazine between 1998-2000 but she was particularly inspired by a more recent poem of Marissa's she found online. This happened to be the exact same piece that Marissa submitted. Go across to Writing On to see the inspiration, I am Not New Zealand.

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