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Es 2023 and Ray 2002

Survival: March Fly
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Survival: March Fly

by Es

Float through humid air

wings in check

glide, swoop, flick

eyes in check, thousands of them,

look, focus, see.

Legs out, like helicopter skids

landing pad, a lily pad

and the plop like a marimba

as the creature lands gracefully.

And the fly forgets

resting in the rays of sweet stupidity.

Water ripples

a quiver, under foot of fly

scares the little guy.

A disturbance,

emergency takeoff

frantic flapping,

But slimy spear locates, reaches, grabs;

the tongue of frog.


the fly’s mind cries.

It tries to synthesize

meaning in one megabyte memory

It’s pleading

buzz, a broken radio signal.

As the tongue retracts,

it rips just a leg back

leaving him free.

And the fly forgets.

Es is a prolific writer with phenomenal fashion sense. They have previously disrupted the spacetime continuum and loves cats.

Survival: Sperm Whale

by Ray

Swim silently through the sea

Cutting through waves

Surface, then blow out air.

Dip down back under,

Flip tail out of water,

Dive deep, deeper,

All ll is silent, quiet, peaceful.

Suddenly, out of the darkness looms,

Giant, pale, egg-like

Tentacles grab, tighten, squeeze.

Thrash, whale sees light above,

Can he make it?

Struggle, fight, blackout, no light…


first published by Ray, 2002

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