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Brianna 2023 and Jess 2004

End of a Book
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End of a Book

by Brianna

I have become a character in a book -

not an important one, just the girl on the bus

and the protagonist never notices

I’m here, waiting to be understood

I’m here in the morning crowd

in my seat on the bus

looking at photos of their party

I didn’t attend.

For one fleeting moment, they see me

have a profound thought (about something or other)

Then they’re talking to someone else

Everyone knows I’m not in

this sequel. So I sit

plotting my fanfic

Brianna loves to write fantasy. She is in the middle of competing in the Brain Bee neuroscience competition and dreams of being a computational neuroscientist and a published author.

End of a Chapter

by Jess 

I have become a character in a book -

imagery so clear I can see myself

And the girl I thought I knew

chooses to walk away

Abruptly the page is ripped

My fragile paper torn by shallow innocence

when I thought

we would be friends.

For one fleeting moment I must have been mistaken

this book for a Fairy tale.

I know I cannot re write

this passage. So I sit

cursing the author.

first published in Write On 2004

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