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How to social distance


Yvaine B



Yvaine B
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Put your list and hand sanitizer into your pocket. Optional, put a mask on. Get in your car, drive to the store while staring into a desolate street. Arrive at New World. Bring out your bags. Walk to the entrance of the store, your head bowed down.

A stout man working at the store squeezes hand sanitizer into your hand, smiling under his mask. You must walk to the trolleys while lightly rubbing your hands. Don’t forget to pull a trolley out while staring at the countless posters of social distancing.

Remember: STAY ALERT.

Push your empty trolley around, and reach into your pocket for the list. Walk calmly to the aisle and get a new bottle of milk, remembering not to touch everything. Notice a tall 6 foot man, dark under the eyes and with a red nose approaching the aisle you are standing in.

Jump when he starts sneezing awfully loud, not even covering his cough! Edge away inch by inch when he turns towards you. Check your pockets for your mask when he draws nearer. Realise you forgot  a mask. Move away when he follows.

Look for a staff member from the store to report the bizarre man. Find one stacking the shelves. Rapidly wave your hand to draw attention, and point to the coughing man who is approaching other people.

He walks to the man and brings him to the front of the store where there are some doctors testing people. Tag along and stay a safe distance away. Watch as he gets tested. Hear one of the doctors say something with trembling hands and an alarmed voice:

“This man has the virus...”

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