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Cheese and crackers


Tyson W



Tyson W
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I wake up bright and early looking through the cupboards thinking to myself, wow there's such a wide range. My favourite crackers and cheese eye me up. Maybe I’ll just have Weetbix for now.

Mum yells out to all the kids, “Oi, school’s in ten.”

I’m hours into my school work when my stomach rumbles. I open up the cupboards and to my surprise they’re looking naked.

“Nooooo! My crackers!”

Wait, no. Even the cheese is gone.

Time for confrontation!

First I confront my sister, who slams the door in my face.

Second, my brother. As usual he's looking for a fight. He yells, saying, no.

Maybe it was Dad? I’m searching through the house trying to find him. He's not in the house. How though? He’s not exactly a hard man to miss. Oh, he's at work. Can't have been him.

Well, it can't have been my mother either because everyone knows how she can get when she eats cheese!

There’s still one person – ‘the man of the house’ as he calls himself. My eldest brother, 18-year-old Jayden.

I head downstairs thinking; what am I going to say? how's he going to react?

I knock three times.

He says, “Come in”

I walk on in and ask, “Did you eat all the cheese and crackers?”

He replies, trying not to laugh, “Ummmm, maybe.”

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