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The Major Hornbrook Grand Prix


Seraphine D-F



Seraphine D-F
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The usual debate on what walk to do starts up. Me voting for the new track we found, and my parents coming up strong on the good old Major Hornbrook, which is just up the hill. I groan, not the Major Hornbrook again!

“Who would have thought that walking would become a lifeline?” chuckles my dad.

Since Lockdown started, weirdly enough my family has been even BUSIER than usual; with my dad's new campaign, my mom's new business and me learning how to do school from home. Our daily walks are a technology detox, a fun family time and ... I guess it’s not so bad really. I do enjoy it.

I love the view at the top of the hill, my favourite grass bush, plus of course spending time with my family! And then there’s the race.

Before Lockdown, a family walk was an occasional thing on days when my mum managed to convince my dad, or when play dates weren't ruling my day, and when we had spare time. But now, though the Lockdown is busy for my family, the busy-ness of the day ends earlier, and at four o-clock as the end-of-the-day sun shines on the top of our road I walk between my parents, waving at the old man in his car. He always smiles back from his cosy spot in the passenger side. At the end of every day he takes in the autumn sun as he waits for his company to come back from their walk.

I hold hands with my mum and wave to our neighbours walking their dog, from what feels like a mile away but really is only two metres. And I listen to my dad and his jokes!

As we reach the track entry, my dad and I make car sounds and we put on our commentating voices:

“The Major Hornbrook Grand Prix is about to be under way, we have Bobbin Racing* in pole position closely followed by Daddington Motorsport ...”

We turn the corner and our voices trail away as we start the climb up the hill, not a car in sight.

* My racing team name!

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