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Building a hut


Paige C



Paige C
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“Ok, do you reckon we have enough blankets?”

“I don't know. How many do we have?”


“That should be enough.”

“Ok, then let's get building.”

Me and Max were going to build a big hut, going from Max's room all the way to the backyard. The reasons we decided to build a hut were:

  1. because we were bored.

  2. because both our parents were working. Mum was at home working while Dad was working at his factory.... and

  3. because  it helped with our maths and measuring, and it was something we could do together.

We laid out some blankets over the tiles and grass so we didn't get wet and cold. Then we dragged out the chairs and put them in the right positions. Max and I put the sheets over the chairs, and the hut began to form.

The hut roof was colorful because of all the different sheets we used, and the floor was soft and comfy. Now all we had to do was get cushions, blankets, lights, activities, and spread them all out. Finally it was complete. It looked amazing.  We even added a big computer and logged into Netflix so we had  a TV.  We  hung up some colourful fairy lights and pictures. We also had a jar hidden behind a big bean bag full of lollies and sweets.

“This looks cool as.”

“Wait we need to add in sleeping bags.”

“Do you reckon Mum will let us sleep in it tonight?”

“I don't know but I want to.”

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