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Bubble Acts of Kindness


Lincoln and Daisy



Lincoln and Daisy
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Over Lockdown we have noticed that people are kinder to each other. While we were out walking, others would say 'hello' or wave out to us. We saw on the news how people would help complete strangers by dropping off groceries or putting up Happy Birthday signs for children in their neighbourhood.

We are very close to our elderly neighbour, Joesie. She has no family in Christchurch, however, she does have us, and we have her. We included Joesie in our bubble from day one of Lockdown. This was an easy decision to make as she means a lot to us. Joesie’s son lives in Los Angeles and her daughter in London.

Joesie’s husband passed away a couple of years ago. We climbed over the fence to Joesie's house and made sure she knew we would be there for her and that she wouldn't go through COVID-19 alone.

We all took turns at making Joesie dinner. Daisy made Lemon Chicken and home-made KFC, Lincoln did a potato bake and macaroni cheese. Mum and Grant also cooked a roast chicken and yummy pulled pork and we all had a go at making a vegan curry that we saw on a cooking show from the food channel. Joesie enjoyed all her meals – she couldn't pick a favorite. Mum bought her groceries and delivered them to her door.

We went on teddy-bear hunts, had lazy days in our pyjamas, adventures in the domain and walked along the beach together. In return, Joesie made us pikelets and biscuits, she played backyard football and helped us with our schoolwork, but not the maths. Joesie says she is no good at maths.

We cannot imagine how either Joesie or us would have survived without each other. She is such an important part of our family, even though we are not related.

What's more our lockdown would not have been as fun without our football-playing, adventure-making, biscuit-baking Joesie. In our minds, what we did for Joesie should not be called an act of kindness because it's just what families do for each other. We love Joesie and would never want her to go through anything alone. She will always have us.

Thanks, Joesie, for making Lockdown fun.

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