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Keep them quiet!


Jessica B



Jessica B
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I sat on the couch, being lazy, watching TV. I felt useless, but this was probably the most helpful thing I could do. Mum was in a meeting in the next room. She’d asked us to be quiet.

But ‘they’ were with me. If I made a comment or a gesture, it was sure to end in a fight. What were we watching? I don't know, some pointless show for five year olds because my sister got the remote first. I’d rather watch something interesting with action and magic, rather than ponies that believe in the 'power of friendship'.

“This show is weird, can we watch something else?” groaned Nicholas.

“But we're almost halfway through,” Lucy whined.

“Shhhhhhhhh,” I said because I could see where this would go. It would end in Mum turning the TV off and, I had to admit, I was the tiniest bit interested now in the ponys’ adventure.

Five minutes later the arguing was still going on. I honestly had had enough.

What could I do?  Tell mum? Nah.  Jump between them? Uuh, I might get hurt.  Turn the TV off? Turn the TV off! Yes, I have the perfect distraction.

I pushed the bright red button on the remote and hid it down the side of the couch.

I smiled. "You guys want to play hide and seek?”

"Yeah,” Lucy whispered, “but you're the seeker.”

I didn't mind that, as I had a trick up my sleeve.

Nicholas just shrugged and said, “Fine. Count to sixty.”

I stared at the couch. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …”

I could hear someone going up the stairs and someone under the beanbags.

“58, 59, 60. Ready or not, here I come!”

I walked through the lounge and up the stairs into my room. Then I closed the door and barricaded it with what I could find, which ended up being two sketch books and a teddy bear. Not much, probably not worth it.

I read my book while they hid ... peace … for who knew how long?

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