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My one mad use


Tessa M



Tessa M
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At the least I was made to serve,

to be a single-use plastic bag.

I am blowing through the sky

with all the other particles you don’t know of.

Billions and billions of unseeable pollutants

crumble into the centre

of our dying planet.

I am just at the start

of my 1,000 year journey,

when I’ll finally dissipate from Earth.

I am just one bag, with no voice.

If I were one human, I could make a choice

I could save our planet –

For everyone everywhere

I could inspire people to reuse and care.

How I wish the sky was as clean as it seems

and the Earth as green.

There is more to the wind that rushes past your face

on a winter-brisk morning. There is more

beneath the cold seas where you sway your feet

when sitting on the rail of a sailing yacht.

There is more beneath you than you see through a human eye.

Pollution travels a longer journey

than where you last left it.

Please think again, and again, and again –

Don’t spoil our home with this abuse.

Stop using plastic for a single use.

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