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Midnight conversations at the end of the world


Noah M



Noah M
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let the poet out more, noah

let him breathe


Omg, that metaphor is so powerful Jess

In all honesty I'll try my best 💖

I thought it would be useful


The potential is overwhelming

It makes me feel like drowning

The streets are flushed in floods

like our red cheeks full of blood

Outside, I know it's cold

so I stay in here, growing old

and since the world goes on without me

what does that say about me?

I try to save the world, to find my way

but I can hardly make it through the day

who are you without me?

you never care for what I need

I'm caught up in your butterfly pashes

like a dust bunny in my lashes

Lipstick smears, big red dashes

time will leave us to the ashes

Would you ever care for what I see?

do you ever stare into a black sea

and watch in despair as the world bleeds

when all is red and fiery

yours is the place where I'll be

The world's not over, it isn't, it's not

then why are the capitals covered in rot

diplomatic heretics lost the plot

stole the land, banned the pot

But it's still not over, it isn't, it's not

I'm tired of optimistic nihilism

I'm tired I'm locked up in this schism

there's no escaping this prison system

I'm not finished until I've finished my sentence

I'm one word away from a massive decision

Go change the world, it's our one mission

I have to agree, but is that all you've got?

The world's not over, it isn't, it's not.

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