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Emily H



Emily H
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Imagine you're a turtle, swimming in the water. Then, a plastic bag comes to you in the middle of nowhere and, thinking it's a delicious jellyfish, you decide to eat it. What would happen? First you would get intestinal blockages, leaving yourself unable to feed and eventually resulting in starvation and death.

Every year, 100,000 marine animals are affected because of plastic. These animals include whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions. Overall, over 800 species worldwide are being affected, and this includes us, humans. Now, you ask me, knowing that pollution is harmful to everyone, why doesn’t anyone care?  Pollution is harmful and poisonous to the environment, yet rubbish is being carelessly dropped onto our land and into our oceans by people. This is destroying the homes and lives of our wonderful creatures.

Animals' lives are precious, no matter what kind of animals. All living creatures belong to the earth and, just like us, these creatures do not deserve to be harmed and they do not deserve to suffer due to our actions. They cannot communicate with us so we have to take action to keep them safe.

Not only is pollution affecting living creatures, it also affects the earth itself. Air pollution impacts the environment by reducing visibility and blocking sunlight, causing acid rain, harming forests, wildlife, and agriculture. We know that these effects occur because of us.  So what are people doing to help?

Currently, there are many steps that people are taking to help minimize the effects. For example, by recycling paper, plastics, glass and metals. Plastic straws have been changed out for paper straws, people are reusing jars and also many volunteers are helping with beach clean-ups. Aotearoa has banned single-use plastic bags. These are all steps that are pushing us in the right direction to reduce pollution.

Are we going to keep ruining our environment? Or are we going to take action for what we have done? Or are we just going to stand back? I am asking all of us to take some action to improve not only wildlife but also our Earth. Let’s now all make a difference together.

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