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Candace M



Candace M
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We’re bringing our world to a sticky end.

We need to act fast before it’s too late to mend!

As the world turns, the years disappear and time passes

along with all the animals, plants and grasses.

Soon our lush forests will be empty and dead,

for so long all this has gone unsaid.

No one is answering our earth's distressed pleas,

bears, bees, mares, and manatees vanish from forests and seas.

Future kids will never hear a lion's fearless roar,

or watch the mighty eagle soar,

they will never splash in the bubbly foam of ocean waters,

there’ll be no more beach trips for our sons and daughters!

Our jungles are all going and are almost gone.

Even the animals are depleting, from the bear to a fawn.

The Bengal tigers will no longer prowl among the trees,

nor will dusky dolphins frolic in our great seas.

The ice caps are melting to be no more.

At this rate we won’t have Antartica anymore.

Mother Earth is crying out in pain

as humans chop down her forests for their own gain.

We’re filling our air up with toxic gas,

while sitting here hoping that all these problems will pass.

But let me tell you life as we know it cannot carry on.

We must answer Earth's pleas or she will be gone.

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