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Continuum Tides


Zoe B



Zoe B
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Despite the Lockdown

the tides continue to tumble

and dance against the land's surfaces

each trying to reach their destination.

Each grit of sand flows to a new position,

a new purpose

on the rough sea floor.

Humans have now locked their doors.

Earth's surfaces are bare of carbon footprints

Fish flow through the open seas

unafraid of plastic floating to their sandy shores.

Sea creatures stand strong in the hope for humans never to return

for if we do

the oil will go back to spilling,

the plastic will  keep growing,

their blue oceans will  turn back to grey,

the Arctic will slowly continue to drip away

and our hope for making a change will take a horrible turn.

From this contagious disease for the human species

killing the whales has decreased.

We have used them for oil

for us to raise the numbers on our business scales.

Without us leaning on them

their homes have started to come back in colour

But all this virus has provided them is a couple of months

from what we’ve put them through

they will need the past few centuries back.

We can't give them the past, but we can provide them

with the future.

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