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The new normal


Ruth B



Ruth B
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I was in my room, waiting for my 8:40 alarm to ring, signalling me to call Nova to start our school work together. It was a habit we’d formed. A good habit.

The alarm rang so I opened up my computer and logged in. I checked in on the roll while opening WhatsApp so I could call Nova. As I waited for the stream to be updated, Nova answered.

Ms Robinson had uploaded our daily work. I clicked on the link to see that we had our B.I.S.P (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) work for two hours! I pulled out my community book to start, when I realized that Nova wasn’t on the call anymore, so I’d been talking to myself for the past few minutes.

I tried to call again but she didn’t answer, so I continued to try. When she finally replied, I gave her a stern look and asked, “What took you so long?”

Just as she was about to reply, my younger brother burst into my room.

“What are you doing?” he said in his annoying baby voice.

“Go away, I’m doing work and I’m talking to Nova. Don’t you have work to do anyway?”

“No,” he answered.

I tried to carry him out of my room but he wouldn’t budge. Eventually, he left.

I turned back to Nova and said, “Sorry about that, you were just about to say why you weren’t on the call.”

“I had—”

Before she could finish, my phone died.

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