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A good planet is hard to find


Lorraine G



Lorraine G
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Speeches are meant to be spoken but Earth cannot speak, nor can it take part in its own actions. However, Earth has a voice, a voice of many, many people, and that’s us. We have been given the chance to speak for the Earth.

Earth is the home to not just us humans, but millions of other plants, animals and species. The water and the air that the Earth provides isn't only for us. It helps sustain all life.

The thing is, there isn’t just one problem – there’s pollution, climate change, deforestation, and so much more. Take one of Earth’s biggest problems, climate change. It has, over the years, become worse, with more frequent and damaging storms, droughts, heat waves, and the sea levels rising. This also causes the glaciers to melt and the ocean to warm up, destroying habitats.

There is no way of turning back and there is no way of undoing our actions. There is no planet B …  or C, or D, and there is no possible way we will be given a second chance to live if all our problems on Earth aren’t solved.

It is hard to find a good planet, maybe nearly impossible. Hundreds of scientists and researchers have been trying to discover new planets that would be suitable for humans to live and evolve on. Most people believe there could be one, but that’s the thing: we don’t know for certain. What if there wasn’t another fitting planet for us? In order to save the world, we must save the one we have.

On the 1st of January, 2016, leaders around the world came together at the United Nations. This group created 17 goals designed to achieve a more sustainable future for all on Earth. These powerful goals were intended to be achieved by 2030 … which is only eight years away!

Six years already wasted on what? Just think how humiliating that would be to all of the citizens on Earth, not achieving some simple goals in 16 years? It is up to all of us to achieve them.

Fortunately, some of the goals have been improving over the past years, where some organisations, such as Zero Hunger, have been donating and giving to those in need. But others, such as Climate Action, have not made much progress.

The Earth built, bought, carried, and gave everything to us, so this is my call for action: Help save the Earth. The Earth gave us a chance, a life to live, but we might as well just ruin it. This is my call for action : Help save the Earth. The only reason we are still alive is because Earth hasn’t just given up on us yet. This is my call to action: Help save the Earth.

“It’s just one measly piece of paper, besides, it’s already five metres away from me. No point in picking it up now!” We can’t expect other people to take action for us. We can’t not act.

Earth has given us another chance to live in this place we call home. In order to know what Earth is telling us, we must listen.

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