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Azure hand sanitiser- a user review


Maisie B



Maisie B
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When I first used Azure hand sanitiser, I was filled with hope and excitement. It seemed so promising. I pressed down on the pump, and it ejected the perfect amount, right into my hand. The substance was silky soft, not too runny, not too gooey, just right. It was like rubbing starlight into my palms.

Minutes later, I caught a whiff of my hands, and was greeted with a beautiful orange scent. I couldn't stop sniffing my hands after that.

This hand sanitiser is perfect, I thought.

But I was in for a nasty surprise. As I was eating my lunch, an awful taste erupted in my mouth. At first I was confused. It couldn't be the food! So I cautiously licked one of my fingers. A bad decision. The taste made my mouth feel like a sewer. I was confounded.

My hands can't be dirty, I thought. I just sanitised them ...

Realisation hit me like a train. Just like that, my image of the perfect hand sanitiser vanished. Azure had lured me in with its texture and scent, and then sprung its awful trap! So I warn you now; use at your own peril. Your lunch is at stake.

** (2/5 stars)

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